Nuclear technology as part of Clean Energy Systems

Clean energy from advanced nuclear technology is cost effective and 'always on' - we need it to get near net zero.

John warden, ceo

Small Modular Reactors and Advanced Reactor are designed to have much smaller footprints and land usage than large nuclear plants, and orders of magnitude less than renewable installations for comparable output.

Nuclear plants have a capacity factor of over 90%, compared to renewables which can average less than 30% over a year. Advanced nuclear designs are seeking higher availability, up to near 100%.

Nuclear energy is carbon free at the point of production, and over a nuclear plants life cycle it is comparable to renewables.

Advanced reactor designs can provide output heat at over 500 degrees C, allowing direct heat for a number of energy intensive industrial uses and offering system efficiencies up to 40%, with resulting commercial gains. 

The LCOE of a nuclear installation is comparable with other energy sources and can provide attractive revenue to investors and asset owners. Advanced nuclear plants are planned with an operating life of 60+ years, allowing the capital cost to be amortised over a substantial  period, unlike renewable installations which typically are lifed at 20-25 years. Taking into account system costs and the near 100% capacity factor, an SMR is a commercially attractive investment. 

Why Greensabre Consulting?

Planning and deployment of nuclear energy at any scale requires specialist knowledge. Greensabre can provide you with unbiased specialist advice to support your clean energy goals. Greensabre’s multi-disciplinary approach provides clients with pragmatic assessments of technologies, projects, and financing options, with the goal of structuring and delivery viable nuclear power projects. At a time of transition for the nuclear industry, experience and realism are essential for success. With experience that spans multiple technologies, applications, jurisdictions, and representations, Greensabre is able to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of the nuclear marketplace. Find out more about our people and our capabilities by clicking the links below.

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