Greensabre Consulting is an international specialist consultancy that provides initial and ongoing strategic and technical advice and support to investors and asset owners exploring the potential use and application of nuclear technology as part of clean energy systems. . In particular, we are increasingly advising on Small Modular Reactors and Advanced Reactors (SMR/AR), and we believe these technologies offer significant advantages and returns for investors and asset owners.  Greensabre can advise on effective application of new nuclear power for single-site use or as part of a wider clean energy system. Our client base includes organisations which are new to nuclear power and seek expertise to complement their existing teams.


Greensabre Consulting covers a full spectrum of nuclear knowledge domains and can reach out to a wider network of clean energy experts. With some 100 years of nuclear and energy sector experience among us, we can advise on all aspects of a nuclear project.

The Greensabre Team

Ian Laidlaw

Program Director

Heather Eisenhut

Executive Assistant

John Warden


Nick Fathers

General Counsel

Paul Murphy

Managing Director


How we can help you

  1. Program direction

    We can advise on strategic program direction and structure.

  2. Technology choice

    Advanced nuclear technology offers a range of choices for your needs. We can advise.

  3. Integration of nuclear into clean systems

    High-density nuclear energy can be the centre of an efficient clean energy system. We have solutions.

  4. Industrial applications of nuclear technology

    High-temperature output from advanced nuclear plants offers the most cost-effective and reliable solution for a clean transition in industrial heat. Talk to us.

  1. Regulatory strategy

    To realise the benefits of advanced nuclear technology, regulatory systems will have to keep up. We can advise on the best way.

  2. Investment support

    Advanced nuclear technology can be financed in a number of innovative ways. This is the key to deployment of this technology, and we can advice investors and owners on investment strategies and support.

  3. Strategic deployment planning

    Greensabre can advise on multi-site multi-unit deployment to maximise the benefits of SMR and advanced nuclear technology.